Top 10 White-Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solutions

Secure your exchange with copy trading to allow your users to capitalize on trade history and strategies of expert traders. A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place. You can develop your own bridge to another exchange, invite market makers, create your own liquidity or connect to B2BX Exchange. That can happen due to multiple reasons like losing interest in cryptocurrencies or withdrawing money for buying a new car.

cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider

The exchange is integrated with automated KYC/AML verification, which allows only authentic users into the exchange and avoids any disputes. Please fill in the details below to share your business needs and avail our services. Enable automated onboarding and identity verification with one of our integrated service providers.

White label licensing

OpenLedger’s white-label cryptocurrency exchange solution—namely, White Label DEX—is a customizable, decentralized, and peer-to-peer trading platform. Apart from optimum privacy and autonomy for end-users, the solution boasts of a short time-to-market of only fourteen days. White label crypto exchange software is an engineered solution that is already built-in, tested, and ready for market launch. With this software, only minimal customization is needed to launch a crypto exchange platform. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a software solution that facilitates trade, investment, and stake cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, altcoins, and other assets. Such crypto exchange software solutions are equipped with a set of tools to make the exchange process convenient.

cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider

A market-ready solution for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency exchange. Essentially, it is a virtual space in which actions of buying and selling cryptocurrency are carried out. It is also frequently referred to as a business that allows customers to trade with stocks or any other type of financial asset. Decentralized exchanges are an excellent way to give power to the crypto community. On the other hand, building a centralized exchange is better when you want to create a business as an intermediary for cryptocurrency transactions. Being a new business option, running centralized exchanges is quite profitable.

Additionally, some processors build hidden fees into their contracts, so be sure you understand the contract you’re signing. Other differences between processors include settlement time and compliance with PCI DSS, a set of best practices to ensure cyber security. Note that, in the United States, federal law does not require compliance, though many state laws do. Be sure your payment processor is PCI-compliant to safeguard your new enterprise against cyber threats.

Who Offers the Best Crypto Exchange Development?

This is simply because every internet-based venture specializes in interacting with buyers through their website on a daily basis. Thus, offering great service is much easier than having to outsource an entire department that will resolve some company’s struggles. Think about, for example, the astronomically high number of enterprises that currently have an overseas customer service department due to the lower operational costs. Infuse margin cryptocurrency trading into your existing business to enable a larger pool of investors to participate actively in building a trading ecosystem. Our ultra-modern Crypto Exchange Software enable traders to earn up to 100X returns on their investments and stay protected against market swings. Anti-DDoS protects the bitcoin exchange software when multiple connected devices target it.

  • Channeling this they make you dependable, multifaceted, fast, seamless platforms for your crypto exchanges.
  • Matching engine service Exchange-grade platform for matching supply and demand on a broad variety of asset types.
  • Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Turnkey Solution is a refined cryptocurrency exchange solution that arrives with a fixation on super-fast and stable matching performance and reliable crypto security.
  • Skalex’s exchange solutions offer a range of features, including multi-language support, advanced order types, and customizable trading interfaces.

Nonetheless, white labels might not suit your purpose and you might need to build your cryptocurrency exchange from scratch. As an industry-leading cryptocurrency software development company, we have a vast pool of expert developers. Some iconic features of cryptocurrency exchange software are captivating UI, an Order book, multi-wallet & payment options, liquidity, a dynamic trading engine, etc. Cryptocurrency exchange software is a platform to buy, and sell digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc. Using which anyone with crypto market knowledge can start their crypto exchange business. This is a sophisticated cryptocurrency exchange solution with a focus on super-fast and stable matching engine performance and reliable crypto security.

What is a white-label crypto exchange platform?

However, you can take our marginal exchange platform B2Margin along with your spot exchange which will give you 2 platforms with margin and spot trading in one trader’s room. A website is a place where your clients find out information about your products and services and your company cryptocurrency exchange software overall. Security is the most important concept in crypto trading and our exchange was designed with sophisticated safety measures as almost all tokens and coins are held in cold storage. Cold wallets are highly secure hardware wallets that are not connected to the internet.

cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider

The Exchange should promote the opportunity to become an investor via blogs, youtube videos and email to those clients who are willing to earn by long-term movements. Chat or call a registered user if he failed to complete KYC or the deposit process. He already knows what his next step is i.e. to be an active trader, investor or algorithmic trader using API. Financial matters relating to all parts of your company are of utmost importance and will raise a number of questions as to how they will be handled. Whether its related to payments and budgeting or tax issues and company revenues, there are a variety of points that need to be addressed. In looking at your operational structure, you will need to figure out what staff you need, how they will work together and what tools they will need to effectively perform their duties.

And if we are unable to match your expectations, you can easily withdraw your project, no questions asked. Since 2005 we have been studying the market and taking part in its development. A close-knit team with experience in financial technologies, which does not require additional training and can get to work right away. Any business that has the ambition to become large-scale or global must be unique.

We choose to deduct all the possibility and apply the best approach that can offer world class custom software to our clients. Workflow that goes beyond settlement custody trading or issuance reduces the need to reconcile in multiple systems and manual intervention. A wide range of marketplace services are available to support business growth and development. It provides immutability and traceability throughout the lifecycle of digital assets on an auditable, immutable record.

Modulus is headquartered in the US and has been developing trading technology and exchange solutions for the likes of Nasdaq, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs since 1997. Our digital asset technology clients include some of the industry’s largest players. Bitcoin exchange platforms were amongst the first systems of this nature to become functional.


Instead, they solely operate as facilitators of blockchain transactions. Thus, making any sort of promises is unorthodox and carries no magnitude. Similarly, one should avoid offers of mind-blowing earnings through somewhat frowned-upon strategies like unreasonable margin trading or borderline-belligerent short selling. Although the overall value of digital coins is influenced by the market to an extent, individuals using exchanges can set their own prices.

cryptocurrency exchange software solution provider

White-label exchange solutions offer a range of customizable solutions for businesses looking to launch and operate their own cryptocurrency exchanges. These solutions can help businesses save time and money while providing their users with various features and services. Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution or a customizable platform, these providers offer a range of solutions to suit your needs. By considering your business goals, user needs, and budget, you can select the best white-label exchange solution. A cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-engineered package of codes that can clone a specified cryptocurrency trading platform in terms of its functionality and user interface.

Prime Modules Of Our Crypto Exchange Software Development Solution

Realizing that the comparison procedure is complex and demands professional expertise, we have compiled a list of some of the best white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions. The time frame to complete the development of a cryptocurrency exchange solution will fluctuate based on the requirements and customization that customers expect to integrate into their platform. Maticz offers versatile crypto exchange development services to benefit crypto investors quickly reach great heights in this thriving niche. Further, we continuously upgrade the crypto exchange according to evolving market and offer immeasurable post-launch services.

Crypto payment gateway for merchants for instant transactions with QR codes, cards or invoices. It is unnecessary to fix errors or undergo various adjustments as the solutions are tested in a production environment. Partner with us to redefine your business values with futuristic digital transformation and unprecedented growth. So they are able to make better-calculated decisions to grow and even protect your capital. Solution implementation and installation on client systems, infrastructure management, debugging. OpenDAX™ Enterprise provides complete ownership of the software under a commercial license and is self-hosted and managed by the organization.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The cost required for developing a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform relies upon your selection of cryptocurrency exchange development approaches. If you decide to proceed with white label crypto exchange development, the price is significantly lower. Our White Label Exchange Platform offers a multi-signature, multi-currency, SegWit-enabled platform that supports the trading of digital currency transactions.

However, if properly chosen and implemented, white-label cryptocurrency exchanges can substantially boost a business’s return on investments and profits. To set you off on a good start, we have provided a carefully-curated list of the best white-label cryptocurrency exchanges. The security of the cryptocurrency exchange software was ensured with a high level of security protocols and met the compliance with industry standards and regulations such as CCPA, PCI, GDPR, and more. At present, blockchain is the hot talk of the town that authorizes liquid and non-liquid assets for tokenization. Its potential application includes financial services – fund transfer, settling trades that can be traded over any traders globally. The unique digital depiction of the digital assets surpasses the time-honored financial mechanisms.

Crypto for Countries

The Modulus exchange solution includes a professional trading platform front-end with native mobile apps for spot trading developed using modern technologies such as React, Swift, and Java for optimal performance . A developer API is provided to facilitate the development of trading bots, custom web & mobile user interfaces and admin applications. With Modulus, your users can trade cryptos and other digital assets including security tokens via spot or futures with over 100x margin. In addition, Vegavid provides businesses with access to a range of trading tools and features.