Top 7 Outstaffing Agencies: What They Do & How To Hire

Thus, they understand the specifics of the customers’ business and know how to address and prevent potential issues in fintech, healthcare, eCommerce, etc. With the use of smart outstaffing, organizations ensure that they get first-class services facilitating best practices in their niches. Another of its ongoing projects involves the creation of data management solutions for the health insurance provider CareOregon in the U.S. To learn more about SaaS solutions, AI-based products, and other projects, look closely at their professional portfolio.

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Relevant is constantly looking for bright people, so we are open to meeting and recruiting dedicated professionals. We welcome referrals, direct communication with our HR team, and submitting CVs to the email addresses shown in our job postings. The recruiting process in the IT industry may be lengthy, and at Relevant it involves, but is not limited to, a CV screening, English and technical exams, reference check, and in-person interview. The cost of outsourcing IT is determined by the number of employees you need.

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The responsibilities of the official employer are shifted to the contractor, and you manage the personnel, as usual, paying for the services of the outstaffer through their contract. In general, cost savings should not be the first (much less the only) reason for choosing outstaffing. We recommend outsourcing for secondary projects or functions and outstaffing for the primary ones, the quality of which determines the future of the entire company.

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This article examines the essential differences, advantages, and challenges of these models, aiming to support businesses in making informed decisions. However, each case is unique, and it’s always a good choice to consult with the experts first. If you need an expert opinion on software development outsourcing or outstaffing, you are welcome to ask our experts here at TechCells.

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• Your HR department can’t keep up to cover the need in high-quality specialists. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Showing it outstaffing services a staggering 37% annual growth, artificial intelligence is an investment opportunity companies can’t ignore. And, finally, the employee is involved for a period of 6-12 months in the client’s project.

Then, we offer you a shortlist of suitable candidates for you to choose from to create an ideal team of IT outstaffing professionals. As an IT outstaffing company, Dinarys is ready to provide you with full support at all stages of development to ensure that our developers create the software that complies with your requirements. Both outsourcing and outstaffing yield strategic benefits for businesses that lack in-house resources.

Outsourcing vs Outstaffing: How to Choose It Right?

That helps them to keep up with the hottest industry trends and innovations and know how to implement new technologies in practice. Ultimately, they can assist clients’ in-house teams in choosing the most efficient tech stack to create digital products. A recruitment agency specializes in finding the perfect candidates to fill open positions. Such businesses conduct thorough research and carefully select suitable candidates.

  • To estimate the total cost, you have to consider the cooperation model that works the best for your business.
  • Dinarys opted for a traditional e-commerce solution creation route, starting with the basic architecture and adding “meat to the bones”—working on the design and incorporating functional elements.
  • The urgency of the project and its complexity may also play a significant role.
  • Using IT outstaffing services provides businesses with many significant advantages and thus helps them stay competitive, scale faster, and increase revenue.
  • Vasily Voropaev is a founder and CEO at, a serial entrepreneur, and is a dedicated promoter of remote work and remote teams.

It is a three-sided network that connects people with like-minded individuals, mentors, and businesses – all related to physical activity and healthy living. The company approached the development team to create a wellness app that would cater to different categories of users and provide personalized functionality to each member group. The main goal was to build a unique project from scratch that combined social media and marketplace features. Now that you know the outsourcing and outstaffing difference in software development, and their pros and cons, let’s discuss when they will be most beneficial for your company. DICEUS is a long-running with strictly set internal standards of product quality, execution, and timing.

Benefits of Our IT Outstaffing Services

It depends on several factors, including your objectives, requirements, and other details. IntelliSoft is ready to discuss the best option for covering your needs and carrying out your project. That is why we provide jobs to our staff that they excel at and opportunities for advancement. Our clients love our transparent pricing and that they can trust us to get what they want.

In both cases, the hired employees are part of the outsourcing or outstaffing company staff that pays them the salary and resolves all personnel issues. The concept of outsourcing implies the transfer of a specific part of the duties and tasks to a third-party contractor. Thus, the customer company receives those services that it cannot perform independently.

Benefits of IT outstaffing services provided by DICEUS

In this case, the outsourcing company is responsible for hardware, materials, and other resources needed to complete the project and provide the clients with the set deliverables. Usually, this business model presupposes low control from the client’s side unless specified otherwise. This model lends itself to adaptability, allowing the client to adjust the team’s size and workload according to their needs.

We put much of our expertise into setting the shortest project duration time frames possible. To achieve the fastest time-to-market though, we also need to keep the following aspects intact. Do you lack the particular professionals or expertise needed to tackle specific business challenges and objectives? Do you already imagine how hassle-filled recruitment and total employment of specific specialists are with your own corporate powers? Our recruitment pipeline has around 80,000 to make your life ultimately easier.

Learning More About Outsourcing

The former significantly speeds up the hiring process by carefully selecting candidates. The main difference between outsourcing and outstaffing is the subject of the contract. To estimate the total cost, you have to consider the cooperation model that works the best for your business. Based on our experience, creating an app from scratch takes 5–10 months for a native product and 4–9 months for a web application.